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Adult 1st Time Passport Video Tutorial


Apply For a New Passport Requirements; By Appointment Only. Please call ahead

Eligibility Instructions:

For individuals who:
  • have never had a passport; or
  • lost a valid passport; or
  • whose passport was issued more than 15 years ago; or
  • whose most recent passport is damaged or mutilated; or
  • whose most recent US passport was issued prior to 16th birthday
passport application barcode - passport services in Los Angeles, CA
Global Visa & Passport Express will not be held liable for any events beyond our control that will delay the issuance of the applicant's visa due to a consulate delay or overnight shipping delay by a third party. Global Visa & Passport Express service fees and the consular's fees will not be refunded in the event that the visa is denied or delayed. Please keep in mind, when dealing with foreign governments, notification of changes and protocol may change at little or no notice.

Take All Above Documents to a near by Post Office or City Hall


Application fee. For anyone over the age of 15, the fee is $170.00 for the US Department of State and $25.00 for the Post Office. For anyone under the age of 15 - the fee is $140.00 for the US Department of State and $25.00 for the Post Office. Please make out a personal check or money order to the US Department of State for the appropriate amount. You can submit a personal check, money order, credit card or cash for the $25.00 amount that is due to the Post Office or Redondo Community Center by Appointment only 1922 Artesia Blvd, Redondo Beach CA 10-4:15om Mon-Fri Only.

Sealed Envelope Requirements: When you arrive at the post office or Redondo Community Center, Appointment Needed, you will want to be sure to bring all of the requirements listed above. The passport agent or specialist will then take your DS-11 and have you do an Oath & Signature which verifies your identity. He/She will also complete the bottom portion of the last page of your DS-11 application.

Once he/she has completed this step, he/she will take the remainder of your documentation and seal it inside of a US Postal envelope/City Hall that they will provide for you. They will seal it shut with tape and then stamp it with official US postal stamps. ( ONCE YOUR ENVELOPE IS SEALED, YOU MUST NOT OPEN IT. IF YOU OPEN IT, IT WILL BE NULL AND VOID AND SENT BACK TO YOU UNPROCESSED)

Bring your Sealed Envelope back to us with:

Global Visa Work Sheet

Three Days $165.00 Pick Up 4th Business Day




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