Passport & Visa Services in Los Angeles, California


Our agency in Los Angeles, California, makes international travel easier by providing clients with passport and visa services. Our service includes helping you fill out your applications to avoid any errors. For fast responses to your inquiries, contact Global Visa & Passport Express at 310-645-2293.
Passports  - Passport & Visa Services in Los Angeles, CA
Global Visa & Passport Express will not be held liable for any events beyond our control that will delay the issuance of the applicant's visa due to a consulate delay or overnight shipping delay by a third party. Global Visa & Passport Express service fees and the consular's fees will not be refunded in the event that the visa is denied or delayed. Please keep in mind, when dealing with foreign governments, notification of changes and protocol may change at little or no notice.

We Offer Expedite Services

  • 3 Days $165.00 pick up on 4th day

Must Make an Appointment!11:00am to 3:00pm only Mon-Fri


Passport & Visa Services in Los Angeles, California


Global Visa & Passport Express saves you time and effort in applying for a visa by doing it for you. Because each country has different requirements, we recommend you check with their consulates for visa information. This will help expedite the process.

Background Legalization


Whether you are planning to import or export products, they must undergo a background legalization. This is a detailed process that involves the chamber of commerce, consulate, and the company in question. After your shipment has been legalized, you can legally ship it to and from the destination of the original inquiry.
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